The Numbers! series lets children follow the lives of The Numbers, as well as exploring topics such as caring for the environment, living up to your full potential, being positive, accepting differences, and learning to be a little more mindful! Oh, and they’re also very fun and humorous to read too! 


‘Don’t you stand next to me!’ shouted 66.

‘I wouldn’t dream of it,’ replied 65, fiercely shaking her head, ‘that’s never going to happen…’

It’s true. In this first book of the series The Numbers weren’t in order. Not only could they not count but they couldn’t be counted on at all – they simply weren’t very well-behaved! Find out how The Numbers – with the help of some outstanding role models – got in order, were able to count, and most importantly became well-behaved Numbers you could COUNT on! 

The Numbers: Get in Order! introduces us all to The Numbers! From their disorderly origins to their occasional misbehaving ways, The Numbers gradually find help and guidance from some exemplary role models. Starting from 0 (Zero), whose thoughtfulness towards others gets The Numbers thinking about their own behaviour, to responsible 10, children can learn about the qualities it takes to be  role model while enjoying the endearing characters and lives of The Numbers!


ISBN: 9781909286870

Book 1

Page count: 165 pages

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Bad gas was one of the problems, but that wasn’t related to The Numbers' new plant-based diets... it had been building for a while. Now faced with an environmental catastrophe, The Numbers need to come together and be greater than the sum of their parts to reverse the possible disaster before it’s too late. Can they be counted on to work together and get the job done in this second book of the series? Well, if anyone can, it’s them!

Some important numbers had been seen over at Science Park. Things were not looking good. The town had expanded rapidly after The Numbers became ordered, but unfortunately, so had the piles of rubbish, the amount of plastic used, and, of course, the polluting bad gas which caused a cough-inducing haze across the town. Things needed to change - fast. Working together, The Numbers came up with a plan to solve the problem. But was their attempt of the ‘big switch over’ going to make a difference? They only had until next Saturday evening to find out.

ISBN: 9781909286320

Book 2

Page count: 165 pages

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The Fractions - distant cousins of The Numbers - had never really experienced doing anything wholly: just half a job here, a quarter of the effort there. However, along with their half-hearted ways, many were afraid to experience life to the full. So, in this third book of the series, when they come to visit, 0 and the other role models set out a plan... to help The Fractions expand their old mind-sets and live up to their whole potential!

Only a quarter wanted to join in the activities at School and those who joined, performed the activities with only half the effort. Oh and when it came to sharing how they felt over half a Countchino at Coffee Shop, not one Fraction would share more than a quarter! However, following the guidance of their cousins, The Numbers, they agreed to begin a series of workshops to realise their potential. The result? At the end of the week, after a number of whole cakes were put into cake-holes, and a number of Fractions paid the whole price for a pair of shoes, it seemed that something could well have changed...

ISBN: 9781909286337

Book 3

Page count: 157 pages

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The sun rarely shines on the other side of the world. So it’s not surprising that, in this fourth book of the series, many of the numbers there feel so, well, negative about things! Luckily, help is at hand with both The Numbers and The Fractions getting together to help bring a little sunshine (building) to their lives. Through their combined efforts, the lives of The Negatives soon change and become, as you would expect with such great help, a lot more positive.

It was cold...negatively cold! So, when The Numbers and Fractions arrived on the other side of the world, they couldn’t wait to start on the Sunshine Building to bring some light and warmth into this dreary land. However, as they started to build a little hope for The Negatives, they realised that it was not entirely the cold weather and cabbage sandwiches that were making their friends so miserable. With little Negatives being naughty at school, and many big Negatives working in such badly paid jobs, could things really change for them on the dark side of the world? The Numbers and Fractions wouldn’t be here if they didn’t believe it...


ISBN: 9781909286344

Book 4

Page count: 167 pages

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Most of us can be a little ‘odd’ at times, and – in this fifth book of the series – The Numbers decide to celebrate all their weird and wonderful ‘odd’ habits and hobbies by organising The Numbers Hill Carnival! However, when the day arrives, it soon becomes clear that things couldn’t be any stranger... the weather unexpectantly takes a turn for the worse, the sun suddenly vanishes from the sky, and the Monster Bear float escapes down the hill, scaring every little number in sight! Indeed, nothing could be odder – until an unexplained light is seen ripping across the sky!

Over at Science Park, some odd calculations are showing: some quarter days are missing and they need an extra day – an Odd Day – in their yearly calendars to make things right. After a discussion at The Big White House, 0 and the others think it will actually be a good idea to celebrate other things that are odd too, such as their rather strange habits. Having decided to have a carnival on what was once an old rubbish heap, numbers, fractions and negatives alike start to organise their floats ready to show off their oddities for what will surely be a wonderful day.

As The Numbers Hill Carnival approaches and 78 gets ready to press the ‘update button’ to add the extra day to all their phone calendars, they all wake to a very strange morning indeed. With alarms not going off – and, later, unexpected strange weather, and the sun vanishing in the middle of the day – they could not be having more of a peculiar day! Oh, that is until the Monster Bear float escapes down the hill, the unplanned invention of the odd cabbage and chocolate treats at Bakery, and a peculiar light seen ripping across the sky....


ISBN: 9781909286115

Book 5

Page count: 159

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In the sixth and final book of the series, bright lights continue to rip through the sky above the town that is home to many numbers, fractions, and negatives. But it is only when the orbiting satellite is hit, and all communication fails, that many numbers’ worlds are changed. After a series of mindfulness events to help reprogramme their brains to live without their addictive gadgets, a new, greater problem emerges – a giant piece of space debris is on course to hit Earth! What will happen when the final countdown clock returns to zero? As the ground shakes and they all mindfully hold hands, something quite unexpected happens...

 Things have been odd for a while, with bright lights still being seen ripping though the sky above. However, many numbers down below are so busy with their gadgets, in their own little worlds, that they fail to notice! It is only when the orbiting satellite is hit by a piece of this space debris – and all communication fails – that their ‘old’ world suddenly changes. After a series of mindfulness events to help rewire, reprogramme, and reconnect their brains, many start to enjoy this ‘new’ face-to-face communication.

 However, a new problem then emerges that no one number can fix: a huge piece of space debris is on course to hit Earth! Will they survive when the final countdown clock reaches zero? Will this be their end? As they all gather in the park, all without a single phone or gadget, they wait. And, as the ground shakes, and as they all hold hands and connect, something quite unexpected happens...

ISBN: 9781909286122

Book 6 

Page count: 137

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Enjoy the series as a whole... and not a fraction of one either! Stay calm, stay calm...!