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Most of us can be a little ‘odd’ at times, and in this fifth book of the series The Numbers decide to celebrate all their weird and wonderful ‘odd’ habits and hobbies by organising The Numbers Hill Carnival! However, when the day arrives, it soon becomes clear that things couldn’t be any stranger... the weather unexpectantly takes a turn for the worse, the sun suddenly vanishes from the sky, and the Monster Bear float escapes down the hill, scaring every little number in sight! Indeed, nothing could be odder until an unexplained light is seen ripping across the sky!
Over at Science Park, some odd calculations are showing: some quarter days are missing and they need an extra day an Odd Day in their yearly calendars to make things right. After a discussion at The Big White House, 0 and the others think it will actually be a good idea to celebrate other things that are odd too, such as their rather strange habits. Having decided to have a carnival on what was once an old rubbish heap, numbers, fractions and negatives alike start to organise their floats ready to show off their oddities for what will surely be a wonderful day.
As The Numbers Hill Carnival approaches and 78 gets ready to press the ‘update button’ to add the extra day to all their phone calendars, they all wake to a very strange morning indeed. With alarms not going off and, later, unexpected strange weather, and the sun vanishing in the middle of the day they could not be having more of a peculiar day! Oh, that is until the Monster Bear float escapes down the hill, the unplanned invention of the odd cabbage and chocolate treats at Bakery, and a peculiar light seen ripping across the sky....


Page count: 159

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